High performing teams through peer to peer support and accountability

The Braving Leadership Program is delivered as an experiential one day program that is supported by ongoing coaching and supervision to ensure effective implementation. 

Your team leaders will gain the skills and tools to deliver a simple yet highly engaging process that will be integrated into existing team meetings. Taking as little as 15min a week they will continue to build trust and respect, so peers agree to be held to account to take responsibility for themselves, each other and all their actions.

" Hey I respect you... BUT.... you are better than that"

"We talked about this" 



Creating a culture of emotional support.

“Mark I just had to let you know that I have tears in my eyes as I am looking out the window and seeing a group of I Respect students circling up on their own to check in with each other. Thanks again for providing such a valuable training experience. It has changed how I view my world as a man and has allowed me to share this with my students, friends, family and other staff. You had our group captivated from start to finish. I can’t thank you enough! Either can my wife and children!” Wellbeing Teacher - Port Stephens 2016


Powerful yet easy to deliver in any organisation.

"This program was one of the best professional experiences I have ever had in my 20 year social work career! Mark you were informative, kind, open and sensitive in your delivery. Giving us all the confidence to share, reflect, and question what is important when working with teenage boys and men. I usually struggle in group situations but you created the space where I felt safe to be seen, open, grow and even cry. I needed this more than you will ever know!" Central Coast Horizons Training 2017