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Equality, Respect, Integrity and Non-Violence. 

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Workshops and Talks

The I Respect Initiative inspires and normalises individuals holding each other to account to be up-standers of equality, respect, integrity and non-violence. This is done by training and supporting your team leaders with a simple process that can easily be integrated in teams ongoing. This is supported by bystander intervention presentations, coaching and learning circles.

Coaching and Mentoring

Time to step up and accept responsibility in your life. It is your life and the choice of how that turns out is really up to you. Mark utilises processes that will shift you into a state of self belief and empowerment to create your own story. To challenge you to be more. For you to love, to be loved and to grow by your design. Go session by session as needed. Sessions are done face to face walking in nature, at your office, at a cafe or over the phone. It is really up to you. 

Money back guarantee with each session.

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